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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life

”” by Dana Reinhardt.

It’s no secret that Simone’s adopted, but she doesn’t think about it much. After all, she’s got great parents, a loving brother and good friends. Plus, she’s busy with school and trying to get to know the amazing Zach a little bit (or rather, a lot) better. Does she really need any more than that in her life? Nope. So when her birth mother, Rivka, calls, Simone resists getting to know her. When her normally cool parents insist, though, Simone realizes something’s up. The truth is that Rivka is dying and this is the last and only chance Simone will have to ask her the questions she’s kept buried for so long. She realizes she must take that chance. As she comes to love Rivka and better understand her surprising Hasidic heritage, Simone discovers that all the pieces of her life together have created a strong, beautiful and thoughtful young woman.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Copper Sun

”” Her family murdered and village destroyed, Amari, an African teen, is dragged into slavery. Author Sharon Draper spares us none of the details of the horrific Middle Passage, where the dying are thrown overboard to the sharks, young girls are raped, and suicide is a constant temptation. After surviving that ordeal, Amari is then sold to a vicious man who intends her to be a “gift” for his son, an equally vile character. Copper Sun goes much deeper than cardboard villainy, though. At the plantation Amari finds a complex mix of people, all of whom are trapped in untenable situations. There is the kind mistress of the plantation who is hiding a deadly secret, the white indentured servant girl who unexpectedly befriends Amari, and the cook whose young son is both her joy and her weakness. The story of Amari and her ultimate hope of freedom, is so much more than just one girl’s tale. It is a nail-biting dissection of the entire system of slavery and how it warped all who were caught in it. You will never forget this book.