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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Word Nerd by Susan Nielsen

Ambrose is a misfit, he's quirky, a nerd. He is tormented by a few kids at school, and the last stunt they pulled nearly killed him. You see, Ambrose has a peanut allergy. The kids told him to close his eyes, and then put a peanut in his sandwich. After this incident, everyone thought it best if Ambrose enrolled in correspondence-school, which means he takes his classes at home, on-line. This is when things start to get interesting for Ambrose. He meets his landlords’ son, fresh out of prison. His overprotective mother insists he keep away from him, but Ambrose is a curious kid. He always asks the question you’re thinking, but are too afraid, or too polite to ask; he has no filter. Isn’t it great having a friend like that? Well, it’s great having a narrator like that too. This book is a funny story about a kid who’s different.
Recommended for grades 6-9